Command Coding Academy

Coding Academy

    With currently over 500,000 available jobs in the area of computer science nationwide, CFBISD offers a comprehensive solution to prepare our students for the high growth and high demand careers of the future. The Command Coding Academy is a Computer Science Immersion program currently provided to all students attending Davis Elementary and La Villita Elementary. 

    Our curriculum integrates programming, game design, and robotics, giving students a well-rounded understanding of how to utilize technology for design. While many computer science programs focus on exposing students to the idea of coding, the Command Coding Academy program transitions students from mere exposure to intentional weekly instruction in computer science, and moves students from their role as “players” into the role of designer, creator, innovator. 

    Students begin in Kindergarten, learning the basic concepts of coding, including sequencing, loops, and conditional statements, while incorporating problem solving, critical thinking skills, math concepts, and collaboration. As students progress through the program, they implement these concepts and skills using a variety of programs designed to showcase the students’ knowledge and skill. 

   The goal of the Command Coding program is to give students foundational skills that they can carry with them throughout their middle school, high school, and college years, as well as into their careers, whether that be in coding or other areas. These skills will set students up for success in any future endeavors that they may undertake. 


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K-5th Grades